History-CCUMC Timeline


The story of the Charlton Methodist Church stretches back to 1790, when the congregation first formed – the oldest Methodist congregation in Worcester County. Methodist meetings were held at the home of Elija  Batchelder of Charlton.  ( Early Church )


In 1853 the congregation built their first church on Brookfield Road. Soon after the Charlton Methodist Episcopal Society was formed, and began worshiping together. (First building)


In a plight that was all-to-common for churches at the time, the original Methodist Church burned down (Second Building).


The New Church building was completed with new Memorial Windows, across Stafford Street from the current location. (windows)


The church was moved to its current location at 12 Stafford Street by a wealthy member of the community who said the church was “encumbering upon the use of his yard.” He paid for the move and installed the basement floor and, the pipe organ was also installed. (organ)


Experiencing resurgence, the Charlton Methodist Congregation outgrew the location at 12 Stafford Street and moved to a new construction a short distance up the road at 74 Stafford Street. The Racine family purchased the remaining building for the Charlton Sewing Center. (Third Building)


The Church Bell was removed from the original building at 12 Stafford Street , fully restored, and brought to the new Charlton City Methodist Church at 74 Stafford Street. (Bell)