Relevant Christ-Centered Sunday Morning Bible Study is the goal of our Church. When we come together as a group on Sunday mornings, we learn that we are not alone in our questions. Sunday Morning Bible Study is not supposed to be a lecture nor a seminar or a contest to see who knows Scripture the best. Instead this time is devoted to helping you grow as a believer. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and we can each contribute differently.

Currently we are offering two classes beginning March 2019.  Tuesday’s at 6pm (includes a light soup supper), Sundays at 9am and a mid-week that is still in the planning stage.  We are currently studying the book “Following Jesus: Step’s to a Passionate Faith,” which is designed to help you master what it means to be a Christ-centered disciple, how to develop Christian character, how to have victory over sin, and how to grow toward maturity in your daily walk with God. Be intentional about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  So come, pray, study, worship and be in community with us.