Pipe Organ – Memorial Windows

Pipe Organ

George W. Reed of West Boylston built the pipe organ, and was completed and installed in 1905. George was the son of Ruben Reed who was a tinkerer, carpenter, and cabinet maker who dabbled in organ building. George learned the basics of the organ building business from his father and continued with that part of it employing as many as four men, depending upon the demand for instruments.

Foot Pedal on Pipe Organ

George built all the wooden parts of the Charlton organ including the wooden parts and the case, which is made from ash, a very durable wood. He ordered his pipes and metal parts from organ supply houses, installed them and tuned them himself. It is not known who painted the well-preserved design on the case pipes.

Memorial WindowsLarge triple memorial window in memory of Lewis Holden and his wife Eliza.

The memorial windows were installed during construction of the present church building. The large triple window in the rear of the church is a memory of Lewis Holden, chairman of the original six trustees, and his wife Eliza. The theme is the open Bible. Another trustee, Leonard Carpenter, is remembered by the window to left of the pulpit, with a cross and descending dove theme. To the left of the fireplace in the fireplace room, Elijah Partridge, the Collector of the original trustees, and his wife Ruth are remembered by a double window inscribed “Looking for Hope.“

Dove Decending Memorial Window in memory of Mary Torrey

Other memorial windows are the west circular window in memory of Mary Torrey, with the theme “Dove Descending.“ The name of Sallie Willow’s benefactor of the church in 1887 is seen in the west window, which has a motif of a pure lily and the inscription “Blessed are the pure in heart”. To the right of this is the window in memory of Nathan Norris, a mill owner, inscribed “Saved to the Uttermost“ Elijah Riches name can be seen in the window to the right of the pulpit with the cross and crown theme. The north window in the fireplace room with a Lamp of Knowledge theme was a gift of the Sunday School.  The Holden family is remembered again in the East window to the right of the fireplace, which has a chalice and a seven pointed star and is dedicated to Hiram and Cordelia Holden.