This event brings together children from our church and throughout the community to learn about God and have fun in a loving, Christian environment!


Summer is here and that means Vacation Bible School.  All hands are needed for this wonderful 4 day event, July 31st-August 3rd.  Our theme this year is Hero Central-Discover Your Strength In God!  God must have spoken to me when picking this format.  The Hero verse is from Psalm 34:14b  “Do good!  Seek peace and go after it!”  This verse is what I have been preaching in our Sunday school for years and repeats what Pastor Wanda said on Sunday about doing something good, making contact.  I even said to Bill Constantine what have I been saying in Sunday School for the last few years:  do a kind deed each day, something as small as saying hello or smiling as you walk by someone.

Your VBS Team